“it’s so strange; it seems like on one hand everybody wants to be an individual and represent themselves on facebook and myspace as being this special, dynamic, fun-loving, great person. but in reality, that’s just the shell that they are portraying. do they have the guts to decorate their vehicle, or their house, or even their clothing or their outfit? you know, not really. for the most part, i don’t think so.” – harold blank

art cars are pretty magical. every july, they gather for a parade here in minnesota. its always fun to see what new direction someone is willing to push the concept of art and the concept of an automobile.

fear not. if you are not bold or crazy enough to turn your family truckster into a rolling guggenheim, you can start small with a pinewood derby car.

millions of proud cub scouts and overly helpful fathers will attest, it’s pretty fun to dream, saw, sand and embellish a small block of wood until it becomes your own custom cruising machine. pinewood derby cards can be purchased online or at your local hobby or craft store.

swag up your heap and bring it to the august happy hour.

if you are in the minneapolis area, you are welcome to come out to mt. holly and race at 6:00pm, saturday august 3rd.

join our flickr pool to show off your work at http://www.flickr.com/groups/bartassignment/


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