From Yana:

This month’s assignment made the writers in our group drool. Finally, a chance for the less artistically-inclined to shine! So excited were we that we began the meeting not with a discussion of our projects, as one might expect, but a long conversation about which type of bed sheets we all use. Are silk sheets better for your skin and hair? Are they too slippery? Who enjoys the feel of jersey against their skin? (Not me.) Everyone was amazed that my Target sheets include little sewn-in tags that indicate the SIDE and TOP/BOTTOM of the fitted sheet. Mind. Blown.

Oh, right, the projects.

Jaclyn wrote a sweet little note about how thoughtful her man is. He does things without being asked or expecting praise. What more could you ask for?

Bridget also wrote about her lover. She chose to focus on one of those endearing little quirks that you love about the person you love.

Joanne took a different approach. Instead of writing about someone she loves, she took the opposite emotion and wrote about someone at work. She got a perverse pleasure from working on the project right under the person’s nose without her knowing what it was. Sneaky, sneaky!

Nick’s portrait of his late cat Zoe was very touching. She was a loyal companion and a fighter until the end. You’re not expected to grieve very long when your pets die, but their loss can cut very deeply. They are, after all, the ones who greet you when you get home and cuddle with you every night. They give you all their love, unconditionally.

I decided to go for the comic angle. It was kind of cheating, I admit, but everyone got a laugh out of it. I took the words from a dear friend’s recently acquired tattoo (which she talked about nonstop for several weeks) and transcribed them on a piece of paper in the same font and approximate size.

An added element of fun to the assignment was placing all of notes in a hat, with each person drawing one and guessing who wrote it. Bridget brought a box for us to draw from instead because she said that all her hats were stinky. How embarrassing. Ha, you should smell my shoes! No, don’t. Please don’t smell my shoes.

Update: Tom sent his assignment in via email this month. It’s about a tornado and emotion. Read it here.


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