Right about now bart is like three angry toddlers and our group is like a stay-at-home mom. We love bart, but we need some time to ourselves, damn it. We had lives before you came along, you know.

That’s why we’re taking back these precious 5 or so hours per month until sometime next year. Toby and Pete currently have pretty intense work schedules. Tom is writing his second novel. Jonathan is finishing his first. I’m finally completing this documentary series. And Yana? Well, we just found out today, she’s been secretly building a baby inside her body, so it’s not like we’re not going to be doing a bunch of equally cool things with our time.

It’s been fun, guys. I give a massive amount of props to my sweet pal Mike Haeg (and co.) in Minneapolis for coming up with assignments that got our group thinking and making stuff. We look forward to resuming this bad mother trucker on down the line. Until then, I’ll leave you with the following words Jonathan and I made for our final assignment in 2013: May you encounter every possible beautiful juxtaposition and may you eat lots and lots of delicious toast.


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