bart is a monthly art assignment that anyone, anywhere can choose to take on. we try to make each one simple in investment and inspirational in challenge. bart is also a happy hour at which bart students can get together, show off their previous month’s assignment and talk.

find a local chapter or start your own, today.

Questions or comments email: cheers.bart@gmail.com

bart is a program created for river valley cooperative arts by mike haeg and bridget deenihan

bart was inspired by several projects done by some really great folks in minnesota who we’d like to salute!

drawing club – created by scott stulen. a weekly opportunity for artists to get out of their studios and galleries and chat with each other and non-artists while collaborating on drawings. as the first rule of drawing club is not to talk about drawing club, we’ve already said too much.

the institute – travis olson‘s top-secret art assignment program

dummiesjaime carrera‘s 2012 art show in a dive bar introduced fine art into the places where common conversation happens.

the A projectpeter haakon thompson created a banner for a banner idea, that artists and the arts are important contributors to neighborhoods . . . and, if we dare say, neighborhood taverns.

works progress – there are so many inspirational creative community engagement programs and projects that come out of this group not the least of them give & take and salon saloon.


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